About Happy Notes

Our company specializes in party favors with the entire range of party needs out in the market such as “balloons, party poppers, equipment for party, party accessories, party toys, novelty items, etc.,” with a brand name: Happy Notes “Joyful Expression”.

Happy Notes was established in the Philippines in 1995, with the objectives to serve our customers and make each celebration a memorable one. Today, Happy Notes is the leading supplier in the country and the global market innovations with conceptualizing on market trend, latest fashion, and newest designed. Our main source of production is based in China, with reasonable and affordable prices that suits all customer needs, that is why the company raised its production scale in just a short span of time.

With the trend of global market, we expand our focus globally and opening our door to international market, with imaginative design, high quality products, attractive prices and on-time delivery clearly contribute to success.

We manufacture a wide range of Party favor such as Balloons, Party Poppers, equipment for party, party accessories, party toys, novelty item, etc. With our many years of experience in the Party Favor Industry, we are capable of fulfilling all of your party needs. We skillfully craft art in terms of design needs, color combinations, packaging, etc.

We can offer a flexible one stop Party Favors solution to all kinds of high volume requirements. 


To provide top quality products  and become one of the  competitive brand suppliers in  the line of party needs, equipments, souvenirs, novelty items.


To become globally known as a brand and supplier of party needs, accessories, equipments novelties, and souvenir items.

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